• The Piano Workbook - Prep to Level 10

    An all-in-one resource for piano students of every age and level. Use these amazing books to guide home practice, chart progress, record weekly assignments and more.

  • The Piano Workbook - Teacher's Manual

    A pedagogical resource covering all topics in the Piano Workbook Series including sample exercises and drills. The manual is also an invaluable tool for student teachers and new instructors.

  • Sight Reading Drill Books

    Exercises in all major and minor keys to improve keyboard reading abilities. This unique series will strengthen tactile facility and visual recognition of intervals for more confident score reading.

  • The Rhythm Drill Book

    Exercises in rhythm for students of all instruments. Use this graduated series of drills in private or group situations to develop a secure understanding of rhythmic patterns and metric pulse.

  • Wee Maestros Children's Picture Books

    Colourful children’s books based on familiar Classical pieces. The whimsical poetry and vivid images will entertain young listeners and, at the same time, spark their musical curiosity.