The Teacher’s Manual is a single, comprehensive reference for all levels of the Piano Workbook. It is a valuable resource that addresses a full range of practical and pedagogical topics.

As a pedagogy reference, it fosters a better understanding of the principals of motivation and organization; as a manual for the student’s Piano Workbook, it condenses the exercises from all levels into one handy resource with suggestions for each section and supplemental drills where applicable.


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There are three chapters in the Piano Workbook Teacher’s Manual.

Below are the subheadings under each chapter along with sample pages.


Chapter 1 – Strategies for Organizing

  • Creating and Achieving Goals
  • Studio Policy Statement
  • Term Goals
  • Virtuoso List
  • Daily Technique Schedule (sample below)
  • Monthly Tempo Chart (sample below)
  • Lesson Summary
  • Repertoire List
  • Assignment Pages (sample below)

TMsamplePagesChapter 2 – Strategies for Practicing

  • Practicing Effectively and Efficiently
  • Practicing Technique (sample below)
  • Exam Requirements
  • Fingering Chart
  • Practicing Repertoire
  • New Repertoire (sample below)
  • Werner Learning Diamond
  • Memorization (sample below)
  • Performance Preparation

TMsamplePages2Chapter 3 – Strategies for Fostering Musicianship

  • Encouraging Musical Growth
  • Descriptive Words
  • Musical Eras (sample below)
  • Theory References
  • Compositional Forms
  • Rhythm Exercises (sample below)
  • Sight Reading Basics
  • Sight Reading Exercises
  • Aural Training
  • Interval, Chord, progression recognition
  • Harmonic, Melodic, chord playbacks (sample below)
  • Rhythmic, melodic dictation
  • Improvisation
  • Music Glossary