PWSeriesBooks The Piano Workbook is a series of 11 student manuals which will take students from their Preparatory Level to Level 10 using a variety of learning tools to engage them.

Along with assignment pages, there are checklists, charts, exercises and drills to make the job of organizing and guiding a young person’s musical journey easier.

In addition, The Piano Workbook includes the RCM 2015 Syllabus* technical and musicianship requirements as well as practicing grids for exam preparation.

No other resource brings together as much to help students learn the notes, practice the piece, and perform the music!

There are four chapters in the student’s Piano Workbook. Each category gets progressively more involved as the level becomes higher.


There are instructional videos for the Piano Workbook in 3 parts.
To view the Part 1 video click here.
To view the Part 2 video click here.
To view the Part 3 video click here.


Below are the subheadings under each chapter along with sample pages.

Chapter 1 – Practicing Strategies

  • Studio Policy Statement
  • Term Goals (sample below)
  • Virtuoso List (sample below)
  • New Repertoire (sample below)
  • Werner Learning Diamond
  • Practicing Technique
  • Practicing Repertoire
  • Memorization
  • Performance Preparation
  • Descriptive Words


Chapter 2 – General Musicianship

  • Musical Eras
  • Theory References
  • Rhythm Exercises (sample below)
  • Sight Reading Basics
  • Sight Reading Exercises
  • Interval Exercises (sample below)
  • Rhythmic Dictation
  • Melodic Dictation (sample below)
  • Playbacks
  • Playing by Ear or Improvisation


Chapter 3 – Technique

  • Technique from Previous Levels
  • RCM Exam Requirements (sample below)
  • Daily Technique Schedule
  • Monthly Tempo Chart (sample below)
  • Fingering Chart (sample below)


Chapter 4 – Assignment Record

  • Repertoire List (sample below)
  • 40 Assignment Pages (sample below)
  • Music Glossary (sample below)


* RCM 2015 Syllabus © 2015 The Frederick Harris Music Co., Limited, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. All rights reserved. Used with permission.